Special Programmes

Howick Intermediate caters for diverse learners to ensure all students receive an inclusive education:

CWSN (Children with special needs)

Through robust testing students are identified that need extra assistance or a modified learning programme. At Howick Intermediate we offer intervention classes for both literacy and mathematics. The students that are candidates for these programmes are students that are achieving just below National Standards. With targeted teaching and purposeful learning programmes these students receive an injection of help which brings them up to standard and enables them to comfortably return to the mainstream programme. These intervention groups have a small group teacher/student ratio which provides an effective learning environment. Students that require specialist help because of diagnosed conditions work in conjunction with special education, RTLB and our school SENCO.  

CWSA (Children with special abilities)

For exceptionally able students Howick Intermediate offers extension classes as part of our approach to Gifted and Talented Education. We have extension maths and literacy classes operating on a daily basis which form part of academically able students' normal learning programme.

For our extension maths programme, we offer a stimulating, challenging and varied programme. We compete in the annual Auckland Maths Association Mathex Competition and two external problem solving competitions - Otago Problem Challenge and APSMO (Australian Problem Solving Maths Olympiad). The students enjoy this robust competition alongside their strand based maths work.

Extension literacy focuses on higher order thinking skills and teaching students how to critically respond to a text via a variety of learning experiences. These students get to participate in authentic writing competitions, debating with other local intermediates and working creatively with digital media.

We also offer Future Problem Solving. This is a national competition where students use a degree of skill to solve a global problem using a prescribed research process. This is a fantastic programme for gifted students in both oral and written language.