Science Fair

What is Science Fair?


Science Fair is a chance for you to satisfy your curiosity and be a scientist. YOU get the opportunity to carry out an investigation (or build an innovative product) to answer those questions that have been bugging you! 

Who knows - you may even win an award for taking part!


When is it?


Science Fair will be happening in your whanau in Term 2.

Not everyone has to complete an investigation this year but your teacher's may have encouraged you to take part or it may be something you've really wanted to do.

It's not an easy process...but a VERY worthwhile one!

HOWEVER, coming up with an idea can be hard and some experiments take a long time to do (e.g. growing plants), so it will be a good idea to look for ideas in the school holidays. 

The top Science Fair investigations will then get to compete at the Manukau Science Fair show early in Term 3.  


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